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  • Effective business writing and content marketing has three essential qualities:
    1. Honesty: Tells the truth
    2. Audience-centric: Benefits the reader
    3. Clarity: Delivers a valuable message that's easy to understand
  • Writing short is harder, more expensive, and more effective than writing long.
  • Web content writing is more science than art. You don’t want picturesque language as much as you want research-based business writing that earns high search engine rankings, attracts your prime audience, builds relationships, and gets people to act.
  • In business, the best product or service doesn't win. Winners are usually the most well marketed products and services.
  • Success depends less than you think on the uniqueness of your product and more than you think on how well you communicate with your prime audience.
  • Your business doesn’t need the best content marketer or business writer. Your business needs a good writer who will work the best with you.
  • If price is your number one consideration in hiring a business writer, please let me recommend another writer to you.
  • To increase your results, involve the graphic designer and the business writer as early as possible in your process.